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Richard K. "Dick" Peddicord, Ph. D.

Dr. Peddicord has broad experience in assessment and management of environmental risks for a variety of clients, with particular emphasis on all aspects of environmental issues faced by recreational, law enforcement and military shooting ranges. His technical activities include conduct of projects, scientific consultation, assessment of potential environmental impacts at shooting ranges, development of practical environmental management approaches, siting and designing ranges to minimize potential impacts, ecological risk assessment, regulatory review and negotiation, expert testimony, and regulatory and public interaction.

Dr. Peddicord received a B.S. degree in biology in 1968 from Morehead State University, and a Ph.D. in Marine Science in 1973 from the University of Virginia through the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

Shooting Range Assessment and Management Experience

Dr. Peddicord directed an in-depth literature review and evaluation of the environmental chemistry controlling lead mobility at outdoor shooting ranges for the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute, Inc. (SAAMI). He developed a guidance manual on environmental aspects of construction and management of outdoor shooting ranges that constitutes National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) guidance on "best management practices" for use at ranges as an alternative to non-specific management approaches that might be imposed by regulatory agencies. He developed a "user friendly" computerized application of that guidance to aide ranges in preparing their own site-specific Environmental Stewardship Plans. He also authored an NSSF report on the appropriate use and common misuses of standard "hazardous waste" tests for range evaluation and management. Dr. Peddicord was invited by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be a scientific peer reviewer of their "Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges" that is now national EPA policy for lead management. As a subcontractor to EPA, he assessed technologies for reclaiming lead from outdoor shooting ranges for recycling.

Dr. Peddicord has conducted initial site assessments of several shooting ranges to determine whether there was a basis for environmental concern. He evaluated environmental impacts and conducted a remedial investigation/feasibility study of sediments containing lead shot at Lordship Gun Club for Remington Arms Company under a State consent order and a lawsuit under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Clean Water Act (CWA). The work included field sampling, assessment of risks to waterfowl and water quality, and development of an innovative remediation approach adapting hydraulic mining technology to recover lead while minimizing environmental concerns. The client, State and intervenor group that had brought suit agreed to the approach and remedial construction has been completed. Dr. Peddicord directed a RI/FS including human health and ecological risk assessments under a RCRA Consent Order at Blue Mountain Sportsman's Center trap/skeet/rifle/pistol range for Westchester County, New York. This project included design and oversight of extensive site investigations and recommendation of an innovative approach to control risks without expensive destruction of valuable habitat to remove lead. The EPA accepted the recommendation, and Dr. Peddicord assisted the range with design, permitting and construction. Dr. Peddicord reviewed a range site assessment on behalf of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and documented the inappropriateness of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA or "Superfund") for environmental management at operating shooting ranges. He led an environmental assessment, comprehensive evaluation of management alternatives, development of preliminary engineering plans and initial cost estimates for environmental enhancements at Markham Park Target Range for Broward County FL. Dr. Peddicord provided environmental evaluations and management recommendations for moving law enforcement training from one range to a new range for the City of El Centro CA. He conducted a site assessment and evaluation of alternatives for re-opening a trap/skeet/sporting clays facility owned by Suffolk County NY Parks Department. He conducted an environmental evaluation for a Midwest State Trapshooting Association related to potential sale of range property. Dr. Peddicord developed an Environmental Stewardship Plan (ESP) format for NSSF consistent with U.S. Forest Service policies and procedures. He has prepared site-specific ESPs for numerous ranges across the country.

Dr. Peddicord's general approach to range issues is to document the actual effects, or lack thereof, at the specific range in question. Where appropriate, innovative cost-effective solutions to site-specific problems are developed based on realistic assessment of actual risks. The objective is to minimize present and future liabilities so that the range can continue environmentally and economically sound operation.

Litigation Support Experience - The work described above for Remington Arms Company at Lordship Gun Club was conducted in support of counsel. Dr. Peddicord led site investigations and provided extensive technical support to counsel representing a Midwest resort leading to a settlement agreement in major Federal regulatory actions including both a Natural Resource Damage Assessment and a CERCLA Consent Order related to waterfowl ingestion of lead shot at a trap and skeet range. Dr. Peddicord provided technical support of counsel representing the New York Athletic Club trap range sued under RCRA and the CWA, including site assessment, field sampling and evaluation, development and negotiation of a settlement agreement advantageous to the range, design and implementation of lead removal under that agreement, and bid preparation and contractor selection to perform the work. Lead removal has been successfully completed. Dr. Peddicord conducted an initial environmental site assessment for counsel representing a large Midwest trap range to identify potential concerns so the client could undertake appropriate pro-active management actions. Dr. Peddicord supported counsel representing Naperville, IL, Parks Department facing suit under the CWA. After thorough evaluation and permitting activities the City received the first NPDES permit ever issued to a range, allowing continuing shooting of non-toxic shot into waters of the United States. He conducted an initial site evaluation and a regulatory analysis of a sporting clays course shooting into a trout stream for counsel representing a resort in PA. He supported counsel in a California case involving range management in relation to environmental liabilities.

Public Involvement - Dr. Peddicord was an invited speaker at the 2nd, 3rd & 4th National Shooting Range Symposia and the Second Strategic Conference on the Hunting and Shooting Sports (Shooting Sports Summit). He lectured on "Environmental Stewardship at Outdoor Shooting Ranges" in the Workshop on Best Management Practices for Outdoor Recreational Shooting Ranges at the 15th International Conference on Contaminated Soils and Water. He was an invited speaker and participant at the 2003 Workshop on Shooting Ranges on Public Lands hosted by the AZ Game & Fish Department. He has been the invited lecturer on environmental management at NRA's Range Development and Operations Conferences since 1998. Dr. Peddicord supported the NSSF in cooperation with (1) Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in surveying environmental issues and possible resolutions at ranges in that state, and (2) Florida Department of Environmental Protection in assisting ranges in developing site-specific Environmental Stewardship Plans. He was an invited participant and Chair of the Environmental Session at the 1998 National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) Workshop on Target Shooting in the 21st Century. He was an invited speaker and participant at the World Symposium on Lead in Ammunition, sponsored by the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities. He has written a series of articles on environmental management for the NSSF magazine The Range Report. Dr. Peddicord appeared as an expert witness on potential environmental impacts and appropriate assessment and management of environmental impacts at outdoor shooting ranges before the House Committee on Resources. He has made presentations on environmental contamination, assessment and management to the EPA's Science Advisory Board, the Marine Board of the National Academy of Sciences, the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Environmental Advisory Board.


Dr. Peddicord is the author of over 60 national and international scientific papers, reports, and presentations dealing with assessment and management of contaminants in the environment, including ten specifically addressing shooting range issues.


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