Dr. Peddicord was an invited participant and Chair of the Environmental Session at the 1998 National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) Workshop on Target Shooting in the 21st Century. He was an invited speaker at the 2nd, 3rd & 4th National Shooting Range Symposia and the Second Strategic Conference on the Hunting and Shooting Sports. He lectured on “Environmental Stewardship at Outdoor Shooting Ranges” in the Workshop on Best Management Practices for Outdoor Recreational Shooting Ranges at the 15th International Conference on Contaminated Soils and Water. Dr. Peddicord was an invited speaker and participant at the 2003 Workshop on Shooting Ranges on Public Lands hosted by the AZ Game & Fish Department. He wrote a series of articles on environmental management for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) magazine The Range Report. Dr. Peddicord appeared as an expert witness on potential environmental impacts and appropriate assessment and management of environmental impacts at outdoor shooting ranges before the House Committee on Resources.

In other important public involvement activities, Dr. Peddicord was appointed to the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council Marine Board Committee on Contaminated Marine Sediments. He has made presentations to the US Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Advisory Board, EPA’s Science Advisory Board, the Marine Board of the National Academy of Sciences, and the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. He was an invited participant in the 2001 National Academy of Sciences Workshop on Dredging Windows. He chaired four workshops on sediment bioassay implementation and evaluation for the Corps of Engineers. Dr. Peddicord was a US delegate to the 8th and 13th US/Japan Experts Meeting on Management of Bottom Sediments Containing Toxic Substances.