Environmental Excellence for the Shooting Sports

Richard K. “Dick” Peddicord, Ph. D., began providing environmental services to the shooting sports in 1986 when he supported Remington Arms Company at Lordship Gun Club in Stratford, Connecticut. Since then, he has become one of the most broadly experienced leaders in the world in environmental evaluation and management of outdoor shooting ranges.

Assessment and Management

Dr. Peddicord provides his clients with detailed technical knowledge of the potential impacts of lead, other shooting-associated metals, and clay target components on soil, water quality, aquatic organisms, wildlife, birds, and human health.

Environmental Stewardship

An Environmental Stewardship Plan is a written guide for planning, implementing, monitoring, and documenting environmental management and improvements at your shooting range consistent with EPA guidance, that has been adopted by most States.

Technical Support of Counsel

Dr. Peddicord has provided technical support to counsel in cases resulting in decisions key to environmental assessment and management of outdoor shooting ranges consistent with major Federal laws and their state counterparts.