Dr. Peddicord was part of the Gredell Engineering Resources, Inc. team that conducted the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area Shooting Range Complex Renovation for the Missouri Department of Conservation. His activities included determining the outer perimeter of distribution of shot and bullets around the ranges that were to be replaced, and the concentration of lead in soils within that perimeter. Shot, bullets, and contaminated soil were remediated and expanded shotgun and rifle/pistol ranges were constructed on the property.

Gredell Engineering Resources, Inc. also selected Dr. Peddicord to participate in design and conduct of delineation of the distribution of bullets and lead concentrations in soils and bullets imbedded in trees when the MO Department of Conservation initiated closure of its former Perry Memorial Conservation Area Shooting Range.

When the firearms manufacturer 360 Precision was developing a Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competition range for shooting at and beyond 1,000 yards the owner sought Dr. Peddicord’s assistance. He conducted an initial environmental evaluation of a likely site, and provided testimony at a Township Zoning Board hearing that resulted in approval of the proposed land use.

Dr. Peddicord is assisting The Sporting Club of Tennessee in evaluating potential sites for development of its outdoor shooting venues and tailoring those venues to fit their environmental setting and conditions. He is part of the team that has conducted initial evaluations of several potential sites, and provides environmental input as project needs evolve and become better defined.

Dr. Peddicord assisted a confidential client in the northeast by conducting an initial environmental assessment of existing clay target venues and a sporting clays course under development. This identified potential issues related to the existing venues, and a more detailed evaluation of conditions and site management options is currently under way.

Environmental Stewardship

An Environmental Stewardship Plan is a written guide for planning, implementing, monitoring, and documenting environmental management and improvements at your shooting range consistent with EPA guidance, that has been adopted by most States.

Technical Support of Counsel

Dr. Peddicord has provided technical support to counsel in cases resulting in decisions key to environmental assessment and management of outdoor shooting ranges consistent with major Federal laws and their state counterparts.