Dr. Peddicord is providing long-term water quality monitoring and evaluation for a sporting clays course. He is part of a technical team supporting counsel for the range in determining the extent and magnitude of water quality impacts, soil contamination, and shot distribution on the range and adjacent properties. Objectives of remediation plans being developed for the affected properties include improvement of water quality. Dr. Peddicord is participating in this planning, including configuration of future shooting venues to facilitate environmental management of the remediated site, including a “wagon wheel” sporting clays course and location, orientation, and target presentations for other stations to avoid shooting off the property or into waters and wetlands in the future.

Dr. Peddicord was an invited speaker on environmental issues at the 2009 NRA National Firearms Law Seminar, and has been invited to speak at the 2023 National Firearms Law Seminar.

For counsel representing a confidential client whose trap range shot over a pond, Dr. Peddicord conducted sampling to estimate the nature and extent of environmental issues. He summarized the situation and its implications, and outlined possible management options that are under consideration by counsel and range management.

Dr. Peddicord assisted counsel for a sporting clays course in Maryland in assessing the environmental situation in the context of a suit by an environmental activist group. He prepared a site-specific Environmental Stewardship Plan for the range, and provided technical support in activities that resulted in dismissal of the suit and settlement in favor of the range.

Dr. Peddicord supported counsel for a confidential client in a mid-Atlantic state which had leased land to a range. The range had managed the property carelessly, depositing shot, wads, and targets in wetlands. Dr. Peddicord provided an initial site assessment and summarized implications and options for consideration by the client.

Dr. Peddicord provided environmental support to the law firm representing a Georgia County in determining whether a range was operating within the environmental constraints of a Special Exemption issued by the County Zoning Board. Interviewing the range owner/operator and a detailed site investigation determined that the range appeared to be in compliance with county requirements except regarding management of lead shot, bullet fragments, and clay target fragments. The county worked out an agreement with the range owner to address this situation.

Assessment and Management

Dr. Peddicord provides his clients with detailed technical knowledge of the potential impacts of lead, other shooting-associated metals, and clay target components on soil, water quality, aquatic organisms, wildlife, birds, and human health.

Environmental Stewardship

An Environmental Stewardship Plan is a written guide for planning, implementing, monitoring, and documenting environmental management and improvements at your shooting range consistent with EPA guidance, that has been adopted by most States.