Clients include major shooting sports organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI), National Skeet Shooting Association/National Sporting Clays Association (NSSA/NSCA), and over two hundred outdoor recreational and law enforcement rifle/pistol and shotgun ranges. Services to these clients fall into four broad categories:

  • Pro-active site evaluations and environmental investigations to identify, evaluate, and document potential environmental impacts, or the lack thereof
  • Water quality, environmental contamination, and ecological and human health evaluations at ranges where potential environmental impacts have been suspected, alleged, or identified, including identification of causes and practical solutions
  • Development and implementation of site-specific Environmental Stewardship Plans (ESPs) to guide implementation of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges”
  • Support of clients in obtaining permits, public information exchange, regulatory negotiations, and, if necessary, litigation support including technical support of counsel and expert testimony

This work under a wide variety of conditions, in concert with over 35 years’ experience in broader aspects of environmental assessment and management, provides his clients with detailed technical knowledge of the potential impacts of lead, other shooting-associated metals, and clay target components on soil, water quality, aquatic organisms, wildlife, birds, and human health.

Dr. Peddicord conducts site assessments of shooting ranges to determine whether there may be a basis for environmental concern. His goal usually is to document the actual effects, or lack thereof, at the specific range in question. Where appropriate, innovative cost-effective solutions to site-specific problems are developed based on realistic assessment of actual risks. The objective is to limit present and future liabilities so that the range can continue environmentally and economically sound operation.

Environmental Stewardship

An Environmental Stewardship Plan is a written guide for planning, implementing, monitoring, and documenting environmental management and improvements at your shooting range consistent with EPA guidance, that has been adopted by most States.

Technical Support of Counsel

Dr. Peddicord has provided technical support to counsel in cases resulting in decisions key to environmental assessment and management of outdoor shooting ranges consistent with major Federal laws and their state counterparts.