Dr. Peddicord has provided technical support to counsel in cases resulting in decisions key to environmental assessment and management of outdoor shooting ranges consistent with major Federal laws and their state counterparts. These include:

Ranges Laws
Lordship Gun Club Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
Clean Water Act
New York Athletic Club Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
Clean Water Act
Naperville IL Parks Department Clean Water Act suit that resulted in obtaining the first (and only to date) Clean Water Act permit to shoot into waters of the United States
Confidential client Natural Resource Damage Assessment
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act


  • As an attorney representing New York’s oldest trap stand club, which is currently developing a sporting clays course, I found Dick Peddicord to be extremely knowledgeable with respect to all of the applicable environmental statues and regulations. Dick demonstrated a deep understanding of the role of an environmental expert to educate and guide counsel through the underlying science and its interplay with all of the regulatory provisions. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Peddicord.

    George Calcagnini, Esq. Attorney for Willow Wood Gun Club
  • I have worked with Dr. Peddicord for well over a decade on numerous shooting ranges throughout the United States. His knowledge and intellect for addressing and resolving environmental matters are simply the best. In my environmental practice as an attorney having represented over one hundred shooting ranges, Dr. Peddicord’s experience and expertise is invaluable to me and my clients, and his professionalism and integrity are second to none.

    W. Lee Smith, Esq. Partner, Michel & Associates, P.C.
  • Dr. Peddicord’s expertise in range operations is a key element in successfully steering clients through the myriad challenges faced by range operations today.  His thorough and detailed approach takes into account the unique design, location and environmental features of individual range operations.  He is adept at selecting proven stewardship practices that fit with the client’s operational parameters as well as adapting those practices to meet novel scenarios.  His skills allow him to provide trustworthy evaluations of proposed physical or operational changes that not only enhance environmental management but also add value to the operation going forward.  His depth of knowledge, experience and consummate professionalism is a major asset in responding to adversarial claims against range operations and in crafting solutions to resolve or avert claims.

    Anthony G. Gorski, Esquire Environmental Attorney, Annapolis, Maryland

Assessment and Management

Dr. Peddicord provides his clients with detailed technical knowledge of the potential impacts of lead, other shooting-associated metals, and clay target components on soil, water quality, aquatic organisms, wildlife, birds, and human health.

Environmental Stewardship

An Environmental Stewardship Plan is a written guide for planning, implementing, monitoring, and documenting environmental management and improvements at your shooting range consistent with EPA guidance, that has been adopted by most States.